Super Ear Personal Sound Amplifier

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Improved, Compact, Ambient MIC with Premium Stereo Headphones and Discreet Earphones

  • Multi-element swiveling microphone for pinpointing sound input
  • New improved SMT microelectronics with state-of-the-art sound processor
  • Volume control wheel permits easy volume adjustment
  • Up to 50+ dB stereo amplification of ambient sounds
  • Premium stereo headphones, as well as unobtrusive, discreet and comfortable over-the ear earbuds
  • Earbuds feature matched output drivers to deliver clear, crisp Sound
  • Convenient stainless belt clip included
  • 1 AAA 1.5v Alkaline battery included
  • CMS and ADA compliant


  • Ambient Sound Gain 50 +dB
  • CMS/ADA Compliant
  • Max Output 107dB
  • Upt to 30 hours on 1 AAA

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