Management of Information Security

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Management of Information Security primarily focuses on the managerial aspects of information security, such as access control models, information security governance, and information security program assessment and metrics. Coverage on the foundation and technical components of information security is included to reinforce key concepts. The third edition includes up-to-date information on changes in the field such as revised sections on national and international laws and international standards like the ISO 27000 series. With these updates, Management of Information Security continues to offer a unique overview of information security from a management perspective while maintaining a finger on the pulse of industry changes and academic relevance.

Features and Benefits

  • Reflects changes in the field, including revised sections on national and international laws and international standards such as the ISO 27000 series.
  • Expanded coverage in key managerial areas of Information Security Governance, Access Control Models, and Information Security Program Assessment and Metrics.
  • Applies a running case study which follows a fictional company as it encounters various information security issues, rounded out by discussion questions that encourage class participation.
  • Offers "Viewpoint" essays to provide a range of commentary that illustrate interesting topics or share personal experiences--providing students with real-world examples.
  • Reinforces skills as they are learned with extensively revised review questions, hands-on activities, and case projects in each chapter.
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