GSM Quad Band Power bank Voice Activated GSM Power bank Audio Listening Bug

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Gsm voice monitor

Lager battery,Power bank style

Voice actives

Call back function dialing back

Bands: GSM 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, GSM 1900 MHz.

SIM card audio bugging device with high-sensitivity microphone that can monitor the surrounding sounds at the same time.

Start-up: Open the rear cover, insert the SIM card into the card holder to automatically power on, then use after the indicator light goes out.Monitor and detection: After start-up, monitor by tool capable of dialing when necessary, and dial to know the conditions within 10 meters around.

Voice callback:

Phone Callback Start by phone: Dial the SIM card number in the alarm by fixed line or mobile phone, immediately hang up once get through, thus accomplish the setup, and give tacit consent to alarm condition. (Once a sound reaches 60db within 4 meters from the alarm, the set number will be automatically dialed by the alarm).

Start by SMS: Edit SMS “888” and send to the alarm (Once a sound reaches 60db within 4 meters from the alarm, the set number will be automatically dialed by the alarm).

Message Callback :Edit SMS “777” and send to the alarm When the sound around the product exceeds 60dB, there will be a Chinese SMS “Safety tips: Someone

broke into secretly” replied to the authorized person.

Manual Adjustment of Sensitivity: Edit SMS “777#70#”( SMS callback) or “888#70#”(phone callback) and send to the alarm. The machine will turn on the sound control function, and set the number after 777 or 888 as the sensitivity of sound detection. There will be a SMS reply when the feature is set successfully. The last number could be 10 (high sensitivity) to 100(low sensitivity).

Closed: Edit SMS “444”and send to the alarm


Note: Users in the country (China) directly send text messages when using the positioning function DW or DJ or PT, in foreign countries use positioning functions need to set up the APN, format for editing text "APN, name of APN, user name, password #" sent to the product (equipment which is inserted in a carrier of phone card, set corresponds to the one operator APN). For example: click Vodafone Egypt; User to edit text "APN,,internet,internet#" to this product. After receiving the SMS reply "Set Ok" again send DW or DJ or PT can query the corresponding information

Location Inquiry: Edit capital letters “DW” and send to the device’s mobile number, you will receive a reply with address or URL. You can log in either by your mobile phone or PC to check detailed location.

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